The work of the conference is devoted to the following main directions:

  1. socio-economic challenges of sustainable development
  2. world economy and international economic relations
  3. human and State development in modern economy
  4. economic theory
  5. finance, money circulation and credit
  6. accounting, analysis and audit
  7. «Green Environment» project management
  8. innovation and innovative activities
  9. mathematical and instrumental methods of economics
  10. labor economics and human resources management
  11. economic security

Plenary meeting

Socio-economic challenges of sustainable development

The sustainability aspects related to the development of socio-economic systems in general and economic entities in particular.

World economy and international economic relations

The issues of the current state and transformation of the world economic system are considered.

Human and State development in modern economy

 Modern trends in the development of the public sector in the modern economy, and socio-economic development.

Economic theory

The problems of choice in a resource-constrained environment to maximize the satisfaction of people's needs.

Finance, money circulation and credit

Issues of organization and financial management at the enterprise level: capital, assets, sources of financial resources, profit formation, financial analysis and planning.

Accounting, analysis and audit

The problems and experience of accounting and tax accounting, analysis and audit by Russian and foreign companies in conditions of application of International Financial Reporting Standards are considered.

«Green Environment» project management

Plans to find ways to transition to a new resource-efficient, ecosystem-friendly economy by promoting green technologies aimed at reducing resource consumption and improving resource efficiency.

Innovation and innovative activities

 The problems of perfection of technology of innovation and innovative activity, their manufacturing with the subsequent introduction and effective realization on domestic and foreign markets.

Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics

 Problems of construction and research of economic-mathematical models of various kinds and methods of their introduction.

Labor economics and human resources management

The issues of regularity in labor relations, labor resources and employment, productivity and efficiency problems.

Economic security

The main aspects of economic security, its main problems and solutions.

Panel sessions

Round tables, seminars and master classes will also be organized for the participants.