Goals and objectives

The conference is held for the following purposes:

  • to develop the scientific and creative potential of young economic researchers in the aviation industry;
  • to intensify the process of exchanging of new ideas and developments;
  • to stimulate the creative thinking among young people;
  • formation of a personnel reserve for Russian aviation companies.

Conference tasks:

  • discussion of problems and their solutions in modern economy, science, social sphere and other areas;
  • drawing attention to economic problems, consolidating the emerging economic achievements in the aviation industry and developing an action plan for the future;
  • establishment of new ties and strengthening of existing ones among conference participants;
  • formation of scientific teams for effective project management;
  • creation of conditions for harmonious interaction of education, science, industry and socio-economic spheres;
  • ensuring the possibility of renewal of scientific personnel through the active involvement of young scientists, postgraduates and masters and bachelor students.